Shaq duplicates infamous Air Jordan 1 Banned with new Reebok release

Back in the year of 1992, the historical dream team won gold and have basketball fans everywhere still wondering if that was the best team that had ever competed. However, one star that was not on the 92″ dream team was the dominant, hall of fame, Shaquille O’Neil. How do we know this? Recently Reebok released an  updated  version of Shaq Attaq Dream Team Snub to commemorate the shoes 25 year anniversary. On this interaction the brand has added a red X on the heel to pay homage to the red x that Shaq got from the Dream Team. Now this is not the first time we have seen a red X on the back of the heel. Most notably is the Air Jordan 1 Banned edition that has the X on the heel to help tell the story of Michael Jordan being fined for wearing non uniform NBA colors back in his younger years. Was Shaq getting cut a real thing or is this a nod to the GOAT?


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