Who Made This Site?

His name is Jerod and has been with Nike for a little over a year and a half, much of his time being in retail. Born and raised in Ohio he played basketball through college which has enabled him to understand an athlete’s needs. After graduating with a Marketing & Sports Business degree he packed up and drove across the country to pursue his dream of working for Nike. Jerod started working in retail and began understanding the different kinds of consumers that Nike services and the products offered. After being in retail he moved into a Customer Service role at Columbia Sportswear HQ. He learned universal systems including PDM and SAP and how a competitor ran their business. After a short time at Columbia he was contacted by a recruiter and eventually offered the job he is in now as a Nike Training/Cleated expert (ETW) in Consumer Services. He’s responsible for servicing consumers through Nike’s digital chat and recommending products across both categories. His current role enables him to get the consumer’s voice of retail while gaining experience in a corporate environment.

Jerod has interests in Product Management and Product Development. With his Sports Business and Marketing Degree he feels that he understands the marketing aspects of the business to which helps to make him a very diverse multitasking candidate. His innate curiosity mixed with collaboration skills and having a keen eye for detail led to him feeling like it was the right choice.

Jerod is a wear-tester for Nike Basketball and Jordan Brand footwear. Being involved in footwear product testing has given a high-level overview of the product creation process. Jerod is a natural entrepreneur and during his time of trying to get into Nike started an online book and records store. He is very creative and can get excited about anything. He is a continuous learner and must read before bed or he cannot fall asleep.

He is very appreciative of your time and sharing your knowledge to help him realize his potential.


Jerod Lane

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